Hire Advantages

  • Total Flexibility
    Hiring gives your business the flexibility to make changes easily and without financial penalty.

  • Releases Capital
    Why tie up your capital in depreciating fixed assets when it can be used to earn revenue for your business?

  • Tax Advantages
    Monthly payments are tax deductible as a business operating expense.

  • Fixed Predictable Payments
    Payments remain fixed allowing for easy budgeting and forecasting. No unexpected invoices or fluctuating interest rates.

  • Avoid Product Obsolescence
    Innovative items of today could be tomorrow’s archaic products. Technology and trends can very soon become superseded and obsolete. Hiring products avoids these pitfalls.

  • Easy Upgrading of Equipment
    Products can be quickly and easily upgraded. This is achieved without financial penalties or obsolete

  • Product Evaluation
    Before making an important purchasing decision why not short term hire first? This can avoid costly mistakes.

  • Hire Lease
    Very competitive rates for 2-5 year hire periods. Please ask for a quote.


Hire Services

  • Fast Delivery
    Hire products can be delivered within a few days or within 24 hours on a special delivery.

  • Huge Stock Holding
    Vast stock holdings of Hire products are held at our Warehouse and Distribution Centre.

  • Comprehensive Range
    We have the most comprehensive collection of modern Office Furniture and Equipment products available for hire in the UK.

  • 24 Hour Disaster Recovery Hotline
    Round the clock contact to arrange immediate delivery and installation to keep you in business in the event of disaster. Call 07944 691656.

  • Single Day to Long Term Hire
    For a single day conference or to fit out an office for a year. Wagstaff have great products and the most reasonable prices.

  • Flexible Hire Periods
    Increase or decrease your hire period without financial penalty with reducing rates for longer hire periods.

  • Consultation and Planning
    Leave the organising to us. We will discuss your requirements, suggest the correct equipment, plan the offices, quote and install. Delivery, Installation and Training Our deliveries include full product installation. Product training is available upon delivery for a nominal fee. Please see further hire delivery information.


Hire Office Furniture

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