Hire Advantages

  • Total Flexibility
    Hiring gives your business the flexibility to make changes easily and without financial penalty.

  • Releases Capital
    Why tie up your capital in depreciating fixed assets when it can be used to earn revenue for your business?

  • Tax Advantages
    Monthly payments are tax deductible as a business operating expense.

  • Fixed Predictable Payments
    Payments remain fixed allowing for easy budgeting and forecasting. No unexpected invoices or fluctuating interest rates.

  • Avoid Product Obsolescence
    Innovative items of today could be tomorrow’s archaic products. Technology and trends can very soon become superseded and obsolete. Hiring products avoids these pitfalls.

  • Easy Upgrading of Equipment
    Products can be quickly and easily upgraded. This is achieved without financial penalties or obsolete

  • Product Evaluation
    Before making an important purchasing decision why not short term hire first? This can avoid costly mistakes.

  • Hire Lease
    Very competitive rates for 2-5 year hire periods. Please ask for a quote.



Hire Office Furniture

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